Custom Made Friction Turkey Calls

Welcome to Gobbler Getter Turkey Calls. Hand made, custom wooden turkey calls.

Custom Made Friction Turkey Calls

Deadly Double Pot Call  4th place 
We specialize in making the absolute best 
turkey calls your hard earned money can buy. All of our turkey calls are hand made, in our shop, right here in America. The wood, the machines, the sweat, blood and tears, all 100% American made. From friction turkey calls, to box turkey calls, we guarantee you’ll find the sound you’re looking for to attract those big gobblers.

We take great pride in our turkey calls and we are committed to delivering the most amazing sounds that draw in the big birds like no other. We are so sure that you’ll find success in your turkey hunting adventures using a Gobbler Getter Turkey Call, that we’ve put a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on every single one of our calls.

With our 100% Guarantee, you can purchase with confidence. Don't be fooled by the competitors. Our calls are hand made by a skilled hunter. A hunter that has bagged more birds than you can shake a stick at!

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